Eastman Sinewave HUPS – 4000VA/48V​

Keep your space uninterrupted with the Eastman Sinewave HUPS – 4000VA/48V. This reliable powerhouse delivers clean, consistent power to handle various appliances, from lights and fans to refrigerators and motors.

Key benefits:

  • Handles high loads (4000VA): Powers your essentials and more during outages.
  • Efficient power delivery (VA=WATT): Minimizes energy waste.
  • Protects electronics (pure sine wave): Prevents damage to sensitive devices.
  • Starts diverse loads: Runs refrigerators, motors, and LED lights seamlessly.
  • Maintains battery health: Ensures long-lasting backup power.

Experience uninterrupted power supply. Choose Eastman Sinewave HUPS today!

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Meet the Eastman Sinewave HUPS – 4000VA/48V: Your reliable shield against power outages.

Experience the power of:

  1. Unwavering Strength: With a mighty 4000VA capacity, this HUPS ensures your essential appliances continue their championship run, even during power fluctuations. From illuminating your living room to keeping your food fresh, the Eastman Sinewave HUPS stands guard.
  2. Symphonic Power: Experience the orchestral harmony of pure sine wave output. Your sensitive electronics, from the delicate notes of your laptop to the life-saving symphony of medical equipment, will thrive in this clean and stable energy source.
  3. Power Efficiency: Forget complex equations. This HUPS operates on a simple yet powerful principle: VA=WATT. It delivers the exact amount of power it promises, making your bulbs shine brighter and your devices purr with contentment.
  4. Versatility: Whether you’re safeguarding the wellbeing of patients in hospitals, keeping schools illuminated for learning, or ensuring uninterrupted entertainment at home, the Eastman Sinewave HUPS is your versatile champion. It adapts to your needs, handling everything from compressor loads to the delicate dance of LED lights with ease.
  5. Voltage: When it comes to full load output voltage, this HUPS stands head and shoulders above the rest. Your appliances receive the highest voltage possible, guaranteeing optimal performance and keeping them fighting fit.
  6. Battery Longetivity: Even under low voltage conditions, this HUPS remains a beacon of hope. It charges your batteries efficiently, ensuring your backup power is always at the ready, no matter the situation.

The Eastman Sinewave HUPS – 4000VA/48V isn’t just a product, it’s a promise. A promise of confidence, a shield against the darkness, and a champion for your uninterrupted world.

Choose the Eastman Sinewave HUPS today!





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