Eastman Sinewave Home UPS/Inverter

Keep your home powered through outages with the Eastman Sinewave Home UPS/Inverter. This reliable option delivers clean, consistent power to handle essential appliances, lights, and even sensitive electronics with pure sine wave output.

Key benefits:

  • Handles high loads: Power your essentials and more during outages.
  • Efficient power delivery: VA=WATT ensures efficient power usage.
  • Protects electronics: Clean power prevents damage to sensitive devices.
  • Charges batteries at low voltage: Ensures your backup power is always ready.
  • Starts various loads: Runs refrigerators, motors, and LED lights seamlessly.

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The Eastman Sinewave Home UPS/Inverter emerges as your steadfast champion, offering unwavering power and seamless continuity even when the grid falters. This sophisticated guardian empowers you with exceptional performance, intelligent features, and a commitment to efficiency.

  1. Handles high loads: Ensures your essential appliances, lights, and even high-powered devices continue to function during outages, keeping your home, office, or industry operational and productive.

Sine Wave Magic:

  1. Pure sine wave output: Delivers clean and consistent power, protecting even your most delicate electronics from potential damage caused by voltage fluctuations.
  2. Experience the difference: Bulbs shine brighter, gadgets perform optimally, and sensitive equipment thrives.

Unity Power Factor: VA=WATT – Simplicity & Efficiency:

  1. Minimizes energy waste: Delivers the exact amount of power your appliances need, reducing electricity bills and environmental impact.
  2. No compromises: Unmatched efficiency in powering your lights, fans, and other devices.
  3. Maintains battery health: Ensures your backup power is always ready, even if the grid voltage drops, providing peace of mind during extended outages.
  4. Sustained performance: Intelligent battery management systems extend battery lifespan, saving you money on replacements in the long run.

Versatility – Power In Any Situation:

  1. Handles diverse loads: Starts and runs a wide range of appliances, including refrigerators, motors, and LED lights, ensuring seamless operation.
  2. Highest full load output voltage: Delivers optimal voltage to your appliances even under full load, ensuring efficient operation and extended lifespan.


  1. Homes: Safeguard your family’s comfort, security, and entertainment.
  2. Offices: Keep productivity flowing with uninterrupted power for computers, printers, and communication devices.
  3. Industries: Power machinery, production lines, and essential processes with efficiency and reliability.
  4. Petrol Pumps: Maintain fuel dispenser operation, lighting, and security systems without downtime.
  5. Banks: Ensure uninterrupted service for ATMs, cash counters, and surveillance systems.

This reliable solution provides peace of mind and uninterrupted power, empowering you to conquer the unexpected and thrive in any situation. Choose the Eastman Sinewave Home UPS/Inverter today!





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