Felicity Solar 5KVA 48V Hybrid Inverter

Become more energy independent with the Felicity Solar 5KVA Hybrid Inverter. This innovative system lets you use clean solar power to supplement your home’s energy needs through its advanced MPPT technology, capturing every ray of sunshine and transforming it into clean, reliable power for your home.

Key benefits:

  • Harness the sun’s power: Generate up to 5 KVA of clean energy with maximum efficiency.
  • Flexible charging options: Charge your batteries from the sun or the grid, even when the unit is off, for ultimate control.
  • Wide input voltage range: Adapts to various grid conditions, ensuring seamless operation.
  • Prioritize your power source: Choose between grid or battery power based on your needs and preferences.
  • Intelligent protection: Built-in safety features safeguard your system and investment.

Embrace energy independence and experience the future of power with the Felicity Solar 5KVA Hybrid Inverter.


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Take charge of your energy with the Felicity Solar 5KVA Hybrid Inverter. Generate clean solar power for your home.

Turn sunlight into clean power for your home with the Felicity Solar 5KVA Hybrid Inverter.  This advanced system captures the sun’s energy efficiently, even on cloudy days (thanks to MPPT technology!), and transforms it into reliable electricity.

  1. Be in control of your energy:  Choose to generate your own power with solar panels (up to 6000W) or use the grid when needed. The inverter works seamlessly with different grid conditions and allows you to prioritize your power source based on your preferences. Plus, you can easily expand your solar system by connecting up to 12 inverters in the future.
  2. Safety first:  The Felicity Solar 5KVA Hybrid Inverter comes with built-in safety features to protect your system and investment.

More than just an inverter, it’s an investment in your future:  Enjoy clean energy, lower electricity bills, and greater independence from the grid.

Choose the Felicity Solar 5KVA Hybrid Inverter and power your home with the sun today!





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