Prag 3.5kVA – 24V Inverter (Studer Xtender XTM 3500)

Power your home through outages and save on electricity bills with the Studer Xtender XTM 3500 inverter. This powerful inverter provides: Reliable everyday power: Continuously supplies 3,000 watts for your essential appliances.

Handles surges: Starts even high-powered appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners without a problem.

Reduces reliance on the grid: Helps you save money on electricity bills by converting solar power for your home. Talk to us today to see if the Studer Xtender XTM 3500 is the right fit for your home!

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Discover Powerhouse Performance and Flexibility with the Studer Xtender XTM 3500. The Prag 3.5kVA – 24V Inverter – Studer Xtender XTM 3500 isn’t just an inverter; it’s a powerhouse of versatility and control for your home energy needs.

Here’s what sets it apart:

  1. Unmatched Capabilities: Conquer everyday needs: Continuously delivers 3,000 watts, powering your essential appliances with ease.
  2. Handle surges with confidence: Starts even high-powered appliances with a surge rating of 3.5kVA for 30 minutes and an astonishing 9kVA for 5 seconds.
  3. Flexible battery options: Works seamlessly with various battery types, including lead-acid, gel, OPzS, NiFe, Lithium, and Redox Flow.
  4. Seamless Power Flow: Automatic transfer switch: Ensures uninterrupted power by seamlessly switching between grid power and inverter mode without any power cuts.
  5. Smart-Boost function: Combines power from both the inverter and AC source to handle high loads exceeding the grid capacity.
  6. Injection function: Allows you to send excess energy back to the grid, contributing to a sustainable energy ecosystem.
  7. Advanced Control and Monitoring: Remote control capabilities: Operate the inverter remotely through an optional RCM-10 accessory for added convenience.
  8. Detailed monitoring: Monitor and control your system locally or remotely using the RCC-02/03 remote control or LAN, GSM, and SMS interfaces.
  9. Synchronized performance: Works seamlessly with VarioTrack and VarioString series MPPT solar charge controllers for optimal battery charging and efficient energy utilization.
  10. Additional Highlights: True sine wave voltage: Ensures clean and reliable power for even sensitive electronics.
  11. Silent operation: Runs quietly, keeping your home environment peaceful.
  12. Multi-stage programmable battery charger: Provides optimal charging for different battery types, extending their lifespan.
  13. High efficiency: Minimizes energy loss, maximizing your investment. Easy installation and operation: Simplifies setup and ongoing use.

The Prag Studer Xtender XTM 3500 goes beyond simply providing backup power. It offers exceptional versatility, intelligent features, and advanced control for a truly empowering experience. Whether you seek reliable everyday power, surge protection, or a comprehensive energy management system, the XTM 3500 delivers. Contact us today to discuss how this powerful inverter can transform your home’s electrical energy!





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