Prag 30KVA 3-Phase Voltage Regulstor (225-456)

Conquer voltage fluctuations and ensure smooth operation for critical equipment with the robust Prag 30kVA 3-Phase Voltage Regulator. This powerful unit handles a wide input voltage range (260V-456V) and delivers precise output (380V±1-3%).  It boasts quick response, comprehensive protection features, and 30,000VA of power, making it ideal for various applications from broadcast to medical facilities and households.  Upgrade your power quality today!


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Protect your critical 3-phase equipment from damaging voltage fluctuations with the robust Prag 30kVA 3-Phase Voltage Regulator.

Key Features:

  1. Wide Input Voltage Range (260V-456V): Handles significant voltage drops without compromising output power, ensuring consistent operation for your equipment.
  2. High-Precision Output (380V ± 1-3%, 50/60Hz): Delivers tightly regulated voltage to safeguard your equipment from damaging spikes and drops.
  3. Advanced Low-Voltage Regulation: Maintains rated output voltage even with low input voltage, unlike traditional stabilizers that lose efficiency under such conditions.
  4. Reliable Servo Motors: Quiet and dependable operation for long-lasting performance.


  1. Product size: 59.5 x 49 x 111 cm
  2. Packing size: 66 x 55.5 x 134 cm
  3. Net weight: 125 kg
  4. Gross weight: 135 kg
  5. Comprehensive Protection Features:
  6. Overvoltage protection
  7. Overload protection
  8. High-temperature protection
  9. Short circuit protection
  10. Optional: Isolation transformer for additional noise and ground fault protection
  11. Optional: Indoor/outdoor versions available
  12. Easy Installation: Wheels facilitate smooth placement of the unit.
  13. Start-up Delay: Prevents overcurrent during inrush, protecting your equipment.
  14. High Efficiency (>97% on full load): Minimizes energy waste.
  15. Multiple Protection Functions:
  16. Power-on style selection
  17. Malfunction protection
  18. Short-circuit protection
  19. Lack of phase protection
  20. Overvoltage shutdown
  21. Undervoltage shutdown
  22. Safe start
  23. Surge protection
  24. LED Digital Display (Optional): Provides real-time monitoring of input and output voltage (availability may vary).


  1. Broadcast: Regulate power for transmitter sites and studios.
  2. Commercial: Safeguard high-rise buildings, elevator control systems, large AC chillers, and other sensitive critical systems.
  3. Industrial: Ensure consistent power for industrial automation, process control, CNC machines, robotics, and heavy machinery.
  4. Medical: Protect X-ray machines, CT scanners, MRI systems, radiation therapy machines, and other medical imaging equipment.
  5. Telecom: Maintain reliable power for mobile base stations, exchange stations, control centers, and transmission relay stations.
  6. Household: Suitable for use in flats, houses, and other residential applications (consult a qualified electrician to ensure compatibility).

Invest in lasting peace of mind for your valuable 3-phase equipment. The Prag 30kVA 3-Phase Voltage Regulator with its extreme wide input voltage range, high-precision output, advanced low-voltage regulation, reliable servo motors, and comprehensive protection features is the perfect solution for stabilizing power across your entire industrial or commercial facility. Contact Solar Mall today to learn more!







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