Prag 15KVA+ Voltage Stabilizer (95V-280V)

Prag 15KVA+ Relay Voltage Stabilizer (95V-280V). Engineered with advanced relay technology and equipped with dual fans, this stabilizer ensures superior stability and increased load capacity for your electrical appliances. Its wide input voltage range of 95V to 280V, combined with digital control and relay control technology, delivers a steady output voltage, safeguarding your devices from voltage fluctuations.

Featuring a user-friendly LED display and comprehensive protection against low and overvoltage scenarios, this stabilizer is your ultimate solution for home, office, and general applications. Elevate your power stability with the Prag 15KVA+ Relay Voltage Stabilizer, where reliability meets innovation.


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Experience unparalleled power stability and reliability with the Prag 15KVA+ Relay Voltage Stabilizer (95V-280V). Engineered with cutting-edge technology and innovative features, this stabilizer sets a new standard in voltage regulation and protection. The inclusion of advanced relay technology and dual fans ensures optimal performance even under heavy loads, providing enhanced efficiency and longevity to your electrical appliances.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Relay: Incorporates state-of-the-art relay technology for precise voltage regulation and protection.
  2. Dual Fans: Equipped with two fans to effectively dissipate heat and maintain optimal operating conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  3. Wide Input Voltage Range (95V-280V): Allows compatibility with various power sources, providing flexibility and versatility.
  4. Increased Load Capacity: Designed to handle higher loads, offering expanded capabilities to support multiple appliances simultaneously.
  5. Steady Output Voltage: Delivers consistent and stable voltage output, safeguarding your devices from voltage fluctuations.
  6. Digital Control: Enables precise adjustment and monitoring of voltage levels, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
  7. Relay Control + Toroidal Transformer Technology: Utilizes advanced technology to regulate voltage with precision and efficiency.
  8. LED Display: Features a user-friendly LED digital display for easy monitoring of voltage levels and system status.
  9. Low and Overvoltage Protection: Provides comprehensive protection against both low and overvoltage scenarios, safeguarding your appliances from potential damage.


  1. Home Appliances: Protects essential household appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, and more, ensuring uninterrupted operation and longevity.
  2. Office Equipment: Safeguards critical office equipment including computers, printers, scanners, and servers, minimizing downtime and optimizing productivity.
  3. General Use: Ideal for a wide range of applications in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, providing reliable voltage stabilization and protection.


  1. Model: TMH95-20K
  2. Power: 20KVA
  3. Input Voltage: 95V-280V AC
  4. Output Voltage: 220V ± 10%
  5. Technology: Relay Control + Toroidal Transformer Technology
  6. Efficiency: > 97%
  7. Display: LED Digital Display
  8. Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  9. Delay Time: Short Delay (3-5 sec)
  10. Overvoltage Protection: AC246 ± 4V
  11. High Temperature Protection
  12. Short Circuit Protection
  13. Phase: Single

Elevate your power stability with the Prag 15KVA+ Relay Voltage Stabilizer, where advanced technology meets uncompromising performance and reliability.







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