Prag 150KVA 3 Phase Voltage Stabilizer 380V (±40%)

Conquer erratic voltage with the Prag 150kVA 3-Phase Servo Stabilizer. Handles extreme swings (±40%) and offers reliable power with maintenance-free brushes & a compact design. Quiet operation & smooth startup make it ideal for broadcast, industrial, medical, and even household applications. Contact us for a stable power solution!

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Consistent Power Delivery: Prag 150kVA 3-Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Safeguard your mission-critical equipment from damaging voltage fluctuations with the robust Prag 150kVA 3-Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer.  This industrial-grade unit boasts an exceptional ±40% input voltage regulation range, ensuring consistent power for even the most demanding applications.

Excellent Performance & User-Friendly Design:

  1. Exceptional Voltage Regulation: Handles extreme voltage swings, from -40% to +20% around a nominal 380V input, delivering stable output that surpasses capabilities of regular stabilizers.
  2. Precise Output Control: Selectable output accuracy between ±1% and ±15% (factory preset: ±12%) guarantees optimal performance for sensitive equipment.
  3. Microprocessor Control & Digital Display: Provides comprehensive monitoring of voltage, current, power, and settings for informed decision-making. (Note: Display type may vary).
  4. Easy Installation: Equipped with wheels for smooth placement within your facility.

Advanced Protection  for Uninterrupted Operation:

  1. Multi-Level Safeguards: Protects against overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, short circuits, phase sequence issues, and more, safeguarding your valuable equipment.
  2. Automatic Bypass Function: Ensures power continuity by seamlessly transferring to bypass mode in case of stabilizer malfunction.

Durable Construction:

  1. Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
  2. Altitude: Up to 1000 meters
  3. Protection Level: IP21 (indoor) or IP54 (outdoor) for reliable operation in various environments.

Unparalleled Features for Enhanced Performance:

  1. Highly Reliable Servo Motors: Deliver quiet, dependable operation with an extended lifespan (MTBF).
  2. Wide Power Factor Range (0.8 ~ 1): Ensures efficient power transfer and minimizes energy losses.
  3. Over 98% Efficiency at Full Load: Reduces operational costs and heat generation.
  4. Maintenance-Free Carbon Brushes: Minimize downtime and maintenance requirements.
  5. Compact Design: Saves valuable space within your facility.

Optional Features:

  1. Isolation transformer for additional noise suppression and ground fault protection.
  2. Indoor/outdoor versions to suit your specific environmental requirements.

Extensive Applications:

  1. Industrial: Safeguards industrial automation systems, process control equipment, CNC machines, robotics, and heavy machinery.
  2. Commercial: Protects high-rise buildings, elevator control systems, large AC chillers, critical lighting systems, and other sensitive electronic loads.
  3. Broadcast: Ensures stable power regulation for broadcast transmitter sites and studios.
  4. Medical: Provides unwavering power for X-ray machines, CT scanners, MRI systems, radiation therapy equipment, and other medical imaging devices.
  5. Telecom: Maintains reliable power for mobile base stations, exchange stations, control centers, and transmission relay stations.
  6. Residential: Suitable for use in flats, houses, and other residential applications (consult a qualified electrician for compatibility).

Invest in lasting peace of mind and safeguard your valuable equipment.  The Prag 150kVA 3-Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer with its exceptional voltage regulation, comprehensive protection features, user-friendly design, and  powerful performance is the perfect solution for stabilizing power across your entire facility. Contact Solar Mall today to learn more!







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