Prag 1.2KVA-12V Inverter

Enjoy uninterrupted power and clean energy conversion for your home appliances and devices with the Prag 1.2KVA/12V Inverter. This multi-functional inverter boasts:

  • Pure sine wave output: Ensures smooth operation of sensitive electronics.
  • UPS, AVR, and charger: Provides backup power, voltage stabilization, and battery charging capabilities in one unit.
  • Generator compatible: Offers additional backup power options during outages.
  • Low power self-consumption: Minimizes energy waste.
  • Fast changeover: Guarantees uninterrupted power supply to your critical devices.

Invest in reliable and efficient power protection for your home today!

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Enjoy seamless power, efficient energy conversion, and intelligent control with the Prag 1.2KVA/12V Inverter. This versatile powerhouse goes beyond just providing backup power; it offers a comprehensive solution for your home’s energy needs.

Consistent Power Delivery and Protection

  1. Pure Sine Wave Output: Ensures smooth operation and protects even your most delicate electronics, from computers to entertainment systems.
  2. Uninterrupted Power Supply: Fast changeover guarantees seamless power transition during outages, keeping your essential devices up and running.
  3. Multi-functionality: Combines UPS, AVR (stabilizer), and charger functions in one unit, providing backup power, voltage stabilization, and efficient battery charging.
  4. Generator Compatibility: Offers additional power source options during extended outages.
  5. Low Power Self-consumption: Minimizes energy waste, ensuring efficient operation.

Advanced Technology for Enhanced Performance

  1. True C.R.G.O Toroidal Transformer Design: Delivers exceptional efficiency and low static loss, saving you energy and money compared to traditional transformer designs.
  2. Intelligent 3 Stage Charger: Protects your batteries, extending their lifespan and optimizing charging performance.
  3. 32-bit High-speed CPU Control: Ensures swift response and accurate detection of system parameters, guaranteeing optimal operation.

User-friendly Interface for Effortless Control

  1. Color LED Display: Provides clear and concise information on the device’s status, including input and output voltage, load status, and battery health.
  2. Intuitive Operation Interface: Simplifies user interaction, making it easy to monitor system performance and adjust settings.

The Prag 1.2KVA/12V Inverter is more than just an inverter; it’s an investment in peace of mind and energy efficiency. Its unwavering power delivery, advanced technology, and user-friendly interface empower you to experience seamless power, protect your valuable electronics, and optimize your home’s energy consumption.

Contact us today to learn more about how the Prag 1.2KVA/12V Inverter can transform your energy setup!



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