Livfast 5000VA 48V Inverter

Keep the whole place running, even when the power goes out!  The Livfast 5000VA inverter is your secret weapon against outages. This powerhouse delivers clean, steady energy to all your appliances, big or small –  no worries about them developing issues or shutting down. Plus, it runs nice and quiet, and comes with built-in safety features for total peace of mind. 

Key features

  • 5000VA / 48V capacity
  • Pure sine wave technology
  • Quiet operation
  • Auto reset, overcharge & deep discharge protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Fault display and MCB protection
  • 18-month warranty


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The Livfast 5000VA inverter is your reliable backup plan, ensuring your entire home keeps running smoothly – even when the grid goes down. This high-capacity inverter delivers clean and consistent power, thanks to pure sine wave technology. That means all your appliances, from your fridge and lights to your entertainment system and even delicate electronics, will operate without a hitch.

Peace of mind during every outage

  1. Quiet operation: Enjoy uninterrupted power without the buzz of a noisy generator.
  2. Essential safety features: Livfast 5000VA comes packed with built-in safeguards, including auto reset, overcharge and deep discharge protection, reverse polarity protection, fault display, and MCB protection. This ensures the safety of your inverter, your appliances, and your loved ones.

Livfast 5000VA boasts an impressive list of features

  1. 5000VA / 48V capacity: Provides ample power to run multiple appliances simultaneously.
  2. Pure sine wave technology: Delivers clean and consistent power, ideal for all your devices.
  3. Quiet operation: Enjoy uninterrupted power without noise disruption.
  4. Auto reset, overcharge & deep discharge protection: Protects your inverter and battery from damage.
  5. Reverse polarity protection: Prevents malfunctions caused by incorrect wiring.
  6. Fault display and MCB protection: Quickly identify and address any potential issues for maximum safety.
  7. 18-month warranty: Experience peace of mind with Livfast’s reliable after-sales support.

Invest in peace of mind and uninterrupted comfort for your entire home. Get your Livfast 5000VA inverter today!





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