AE Dunamis 50KVA Single Phase Stabilizer (80-260V)

Powerhouse Protection: A&E Dunamis 50kVA Stabilizer (80V-260V) Handles the most demanding appliances with ease. Widest input voltage range for ultimate protection against harsh Nigerian power fluctuations. Delivers consistent 220V output for optimal performance. Shop Now!

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Stay Safe From Fluctuating Voltage and Power Your Entire Home: A&E Dunamis 50kVA Single-Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer (AEST80-D-50KVA)

Shield Your Electronics from the Toughest Fluctuations! Experience unwavering power for your entire home with the A&E Dunamis 50kVA Single-Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer.  This industry-leading solution tackles the widest range of voltage variations (AC 80V-260V) commonly found in Nigeria, safeguarding your valuable electronics and ensuring optimal performance, even for the most demanding appliances.

High Capacity and Advanced Protection:

  1. Model: AEST80-D-50KVA
  2. Power Rating: 50kVA (The strongest single-phase A&E Dunamis stabilizer, ideal for comprehensively protecting your entire home)
  3. Widest Input Voltage Range (AC 80V-260V): Handles extreme voltage fluctuations more effectively than any other A&E Dunamis single-phase stabilizer model, providing ultimate protection for your valuable electronics in even the harshest Nigerian power conditions.
  4. Precise Output Voltage (AC 220V ± 3%): Delivers consistent power within a tight range, ensuring optimal equipment function, even for high-powered devices.
  5. Advanced Servo Motor Technology: Provides a rapid and precise response to voltage changes, preventing disruptions and ensuring smooth operation of your appliances.
  6. Multi-Level Safeguards: Features built-in over/low voltage protection, short circuit protection (MCB), and optional temperature protection for ultimate peace of mind.

Quiet Operation and Efficient Design:

  1. High Efficiency (AC-AC): 0.96: Minimizes energy loss and translates to lower electricity bills.
  2. Low Noise Level (≤ 50 dB): Operates quietly, creating a peaceful environment for your home.

Built to Withstand Tough Conditions:

  1. Wide Operating Temperature Range (-5°C to 60°C): Functions effectively in various environments.
  2. Durable Design: Engineered for long-lasting performance and reliability.

Ideal Applications:

The A&E Dunamis 50kVA Single-Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer is the ultimate solution for powering your entire home with confidence,  including:

  1. High-Powered Appliances: Safeguard refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, water heaters, electric ovens, and other high-wattage devices from damaging voltage fluctuations.
  2. Sensitive Electronics: Protect TVs, computers, home entertainment systems, and other delicate electronics, ensuring smooth operation and extended lifespan.
  3. Peace of Mind: Experience consistent and reliable power throughout your entire home, eliminating worries about voltage spikes and dips disrupting your daily activities.

Invest in Consistent Power and Long-Term Savings:

Voltage fluctuations can damage your valuable electronics and disrupt your daily activities.  The A&E Dunamis 50kVA Single-Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer serves as a reliable shield, protecting your equipment, extending its lifespan, and ensuring smooth operation.  Additionally, it promotes efficient power usage, potentially lowering your electricity bills.

Experience the Difference Stable Power Can Make!

Don’t let voltage fluctuations disrupt your life or damage your valuable electronics.  Invest in the A&E Dunamis 50kVA Single-Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer and experience the peace of mind that comes with consistent and reliable power for your entire home.

Ready to learn more? Contact SolarMall today!

Our knowledgeable staff is happy to answer your questions and help you determine if the A&E Dunamis 50kVA Single-Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer is the right solution for your needs.  Visit our website or contact us directly to discuss your specific requirements.




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