Smksolar 5.5KVA 48V (M SERIES) Inverter (Parallel option)

This inverter multiplies your power output! What it offers:

  • Incredible Power & Scalability: Up to 12 units connectable for a massive 66KW system (single-phase or three-phase).
  • Embrace Solar Energy: Built-in 100A MPPT controller maximizes solar power usage & reduces grid reliance.
  • Smart & Efficient: EQ function optimizes battery life, operates without battery, & supports WiFi monitoring (optional).
  • Durable & Easy Setup: Built to last, easy to install with professional services available.

Additional Features: Pure sine wave output, LiFePO4 battery compatible.

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Discover  limitless power and efficient energy management with the SMKSolar 5.5KVA 48V (M Series) Hybrid Inverter with Parallel Option. 

This innovative solution combines the exceptional performance of the M Series inverter with the groundbreaking capability of parallel configuration, empowering you to scale your power supply to unprecedented heights.

Power and Scalability:

  1. Parallel Powerhouse: The true game-changer lies in the inverter’s ability to connect with up to 12 units, either in a single-phase or three-phase configuration. This remarkable feature allows you to create a massive power system, reaching a staggering output of 66KW.
  2. Scalable to Your Needs: Whether you require increased power for a large household, a demanding business operation, or even industrial applications, the parallel option empowers you to customize your energy solution to perfectly match your specific needs.
  3. Seamless Integration: Connecting multiple units is a breeze. SMKSolar’s expert technicians ensure a smooth and efficient setup process, guaranteeing all units operate in perfect harmony to deliver uninterrupted and reliable power.

Sustainability and Efficiency:

  1. Harness the Power of the Sun: Built-in with a 100A MPPT solar charge controller, this inverter maximizes the utilization of solar energy, allowing you to minimize reliance on the grid and contribute to a cleaner environment.
  2. Intelligent Energy Management: Experience the benefits of the EQ function, which optimizes battery performance and extends its lifespan, ensuring efficient energy usage and long-term cost savings.
  3. Uninterrupted Operation, Even Without Batteries: The inverter can operate without batteries, providing additional flexibility and peace of mind during unexpected situations.

Built to Last and Designed for Ease:

  1. Rugged Construction and Environmental Protection: Engineered to withstand the rigors of the Nigerian climate, the inverter boasts a robust build quality and a detachable dust cover, ensuring lasting performance even in harsh environments.
  2. Hassle-Free Installation: SMKSolar’s professional team is readily available to assist with the installation of your parallel inverter configuration, guaranteeing a seamless process and optimal system operation.

Additional Features:

  1. Pure sine wave output: Ensures safe and efficient operation of even your most sensitive electronics.
  2. Optional Wi-Fi remote monitoring: Gain convenient remote access to monitor and manage your inverter’s performance from anywhere.
  3. LiFePO4 battery compatibility: Leverage the latest battery technology for enhanced efficiency and safety.
  4. Multiple output priority: Customize your power source preferences during outages, prioritizing utility, solar, battery backup, or a combination.

Ideal for Diverse Applications:

  1. Homes: Experience uninterrupted comfort and continued operation of essential appliances, even during extended blackouts.
  2. Businesses: Maintain seamless workflow and productivity by powering crucial equipment without disruptions.
  3. Industrial Applications: Scale your power supply to meet the demands of even the most energy-intensive operations.

The SMKSolar 5.5KVA 48V (M Series) Hybrid Inverter with Parallel Option exceeds the boundaries of conventional power solutions. It empowers you to achieve energy independence, embrace sustainable practices, and unlock a world of limitless possibilities.

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