Eastman Sinewave HUPS – 5500VA-48V

Keep your world powered through outages with the Eastman Sinewave HUPS – 5500VA/48V. This reliable inverter delivers clean, consistent power to handle a wide range of appliances, from essential lights and fans to heavy-duty equipment. Choose Eastman Sinewave HUPS today!

Key benefits:

  • Handles high loads (5500VA): Powers a variety of appliances seamlessly.
  • Clean and consistent power: Protects sensitive electronics with pure sine wave output.
  • Starts and runs various loads: Handles both motor and LED lighting needs.
  • Wide application: Ideal for homes, businesses, and even hospitals.

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Keep your electronics running smoothly with the Eastman Sinewave HUPS, your reliable outage protection. It’s more than just a backup, it keeps your electronics running smoothly.

Here’s what the HUPS can do for you:

  • Handles power surges and fluctuations, protecting your electronics from damage.
  • Provides clean and stable power, ensuring optimal performance for your sensitive devices.
  • Delivers the exact amount of power your devices need (VA=WATT), no more, no less.
  • Protects a wide range of electronics, from medical equipment in hospitals to home entertainment systems.
  • Maintains high voltage for optimal performance of your appliances, keeping them running smoothly.
  • Charges batteries efficiently for reliable backup power, even during low voltage. Never worry about losing power again.

Get lasting peace of mind with the Eastman Sinewave HUPS.





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