AE Dunamis 40KVA Single-phase Stabilizer (130V-250V)

Shield your electronics from voltage chaos with the A&E Dunamis 40kVA Single-Phase Servo Stabilizer! This hero handles extreme input voltages (130V-260V) and delivers a steady output (220V-240V) for flawless performance. Digital control ensures precise voltage regulation, keeping your appliances happy and healthy.

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Experience quality power for your home or office with the A&E Dunamis 40kVA Single-Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer!

This ingenious solution boasts an impressive input voltage range (130V-250V) and advanced digital control, ensuring a steady output voltage (220V-240V) for optimal performance of your valuable electronics.  Say goodbye to flickering lights and jittery appliances, and hello to a smooth and stable power supply!

Here’s what makes the A&E Dunamis a champion:

  1. Adaptable Power Management: Handles a wide range of input voltages (130V-250V), ensuring consistent power delivery even in areas with fluctuating electricity.
  2. Steady Output: Delivers a steady output voltage (220V-240V) regardless of incoming voltage variations, safeguarding your electronics from damaging surges and drops.
  3. Digital Precision: Advanced digital control technology regulates voltage with exceptional accuracy, keeping your devices happy and healthy.
  4. Comprehensive Protection Suite: Protects your equipment from over-voltage, overload, high temperature, and short circuits, providing complete peace of mind.
  5. Fast Response: With a short delay time (3-5 seconds), the stabilizer reacts quickly to voltage changes, minimizing the impact on your electronics.
  6. Powerful Performance: The 40kVA capacity makes it suitable for a wide range of household and office appliances.

A&E Dunamis 40kVA – The Ideal Choice for:

  1. Homeowners: Protect your TVs, refrigerators, computers, home theater systems, and more from voltage fluctuations that can cause malfunctions and shorten lifespan.
  2. Businesses: Ensure consistent power delivery for your computers, printers, servers, and other critical office equipment, maximizing productivity and avoiding downtime.

Invest in Stable Power and Enjoy Peace of Mind:

Voltage fluctuations are a thing of the past with the A&E Dunamis 40kVA Single-Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer.  This reliable solution safeguards your valuable electronics, extends their lifespan, and optimizes their performance.  Don’t settle for flickering power!  Embrace a world of stable electricity with the A&E Dunamis and experience the difference.

Contact Solar Mall today to learn more about the A&E Dunamis 40kVA Single-Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer and how it can benefit your home or office!




AE Dunamis



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